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Los Angeles, 2030. Detective Sam Lahiri is presented with an opportunity that could change his life forever… all he has to do is be a good American.

Traitor poster


Los Angeles, 2030. Detective Sam Lahiri is down on his luck; with smartphones being banned by an increasingly draconian government, his ability to conduct business has become next to impossible. After being evicted from his apartment and dumped by his final client, an alluring government agent presents Sam with the offer to join an elite Muslim hunting squad known as The Patrol, in exchange for a life of luxury and protection. Sam hastily rejects the offer, and makes his way to the segregated Muslim district to see his friend (and object of affection) Isra. But as the night unfolds and the agent’s tempting offer echoes in the back of his mind, Sam starts to piece together details of Isra’s life, leading him to question if the woman he thought he knew so well is someone entirely different.

Rit Saraswat

About Rit Saraswat

Rit was born in Pittsburgh, PA and grew up on a mixed diet of Indian films, British sitcoms, and film noir. In high school, he managed to turn all of his non-Indian friends into dedicated Indian movie and music lovers, and made his first short film INDIAN WEDDING in 10th grade. After attending Drexel University and majoring in film production, he moved out to Los Angeles and started his career as an unscripted TV producer, working on such projects as KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, LINDSAY LOHAN’S BEACH CLUB, and SURVIVING R. KELLY II: THE RECKONING. In 2017, he wrote, produced, directed, and edited TRAITOR, a neo-noir inspired by the Muslim travel ban, taking place in a dystopian future that resembles the past. He currently lives in Burbank, CA where he continues to write, and serves as the Co-Executive Producer on Season 16 of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY.



Rit Saraswat – @rit516

TRAITOR – @traitorfilm

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