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The Zeme

The Zeme

A developer relocates to a remote island with his family, where the cursed land takes over his soul and
makes him a killer.

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Land developer Erie moves with his wife Kit and 8-year-old daughter Alysha to a remote island named Hell’n’view after losing money in a major deal. He gets busy setting up a new project there but his family starts experiencing strange phenomena in their new home. Kit starts seeing the ghosts of a woman and a little girl while an old man sitting in a chair across the street from their home starts appearing to Alysha.
No one else can see what Kit and Alysha see. Afraid of what this means for their family, Kit tries to convince Erie to return to their hometown. He neither believes Kit nor agrees to move from Hell’n’view.

Unable to live in the shadow of fear, Kit turns to her lover Alphonse for help. Alphonse, a psychic, soon arrives in town in his old camper van. While chatting with the local gas station owner, Rusty, Alphonse becomes aware of the history of the town: Many years ago, a man killed his entire family and escaped from a mental institution. “People go missing in this town all the time and police are not very keen on solving the cases,” he warns Alphonse.

Kit and Alphonse try to solve the mystery of the spirits but then Alysha goes missing. Kit fears the oldman has taken Alysha as even the police are unable to find her. Meanwhile Erie dies in a scuffle but comes back to life, possessed by the cursed land. Unaware of the events around Erie’s death, Kit and Alphonse ask for Rusty’s help to find Alysha. Rusty directs them to an old cabin in the mountains where he believes the old man has Alysha in captivity. Erie follows them into the mountain where he and Alphonse get into a fight and both fall off a cliff. Kit finds Alysha and takes her home.

Duration: TBD

About Aman Bindra

Aman Bindra is a filmmaker with an ample amount of experience in various fields such as film production, film distribution, line production and video production. He
was born and raised in a family of filmmakers, all the way from his grandfather, who wrote scripts for Indian television shows. The desire to work in the entertainment industry was very much present in Aman’s heart at the early age of 12 when he
volunteered to work for a film being produced by his aunt. He knew very early on in life what his career path would eventually be.

Aman moved to England in the year 2000 and completed his education there. In 2006, he got an opportunity to work in India as an assistant director on a Bollywood film ‘Kaa la’ starring Sunny Deol. The following year he got an opportunity to work on a Punjabi movie Reejhan which was filmed in the UK and shortly after that he moved to North America. He has since then worked on over 50 music videos with popular Punjabi singers such as Bally Saggu, Jassi Sidhu, Inderjit Nikku, Ravinder Grewal and bee2 to name a few. Aman has also worked behind the scenes as a director’s consultant on numerous Punjabi films.

In 2010, he produced his first film, Virsa before his career struggles took him off-track for a few years. In between, Aman did odd jobs like wedding photography and drove a taxi to sustain his livelihood.

Aman’s life turned around in 2013 when he established his distribution company with the release of Punjabi film Naughty Jatts (2013) and Dildariyan (2015). He
continued to drive a taxi through this time and chose to step into the field of real estate. In 2016, he became a realtor and won the Rookie of the Year Award and achieved much success in real estate.

But yet again continuing his passion for film making, in 2018 Aman acted as a story consultant on High End Yaariyan and produced another film in 2019 Jinde Meriye starring Sonam Bajwa and Parmish Verma which released in early 2020.

In the year 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, he took it as a blessing and produced his first Canadian film, The Zeme, which is set to release now. He is also currently working on various projects along with a Sequel of Jinde Meriye.

Additional contact information

Producer: Amandeep Singh
Phone: 778-709-3461
Email: nuclearproduc’

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