The Wingless

The Wingless Poster

The Wingless Poster


This is a story about someone who wants to leave a place where nothing pleasant left…


The story begins in a gloomy room where there is a girl who is packing her stuff. She is not
happy with her situation.
She grabbed everything she needs and takes a step toward the door to leave the room.
But suddenly a chain on her feet stops her from taking another step forward. She is stuck now. She
gives up while she is standing in front of a shiny door that she cannot leave.

Director Bio

Paniz Nooran was born in Tehran, Iran on December 20, 1995.
At an early age, she has grown a passion for stories she found from
reading storybooks and visualizing every scenario she read through. As
soon as she learned how to write, she challenged herself and pursued
creating her own stories.

Paniz obtained a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering in Tehran,
Iran and shortly moved to Vancouver, Canada afterwards, aspiring to
create animated movies by implementing her education. But as soon as
she began to seek this path, she continued to yearn for a life outside of
the office. Romanticizing the spirit of sharing the same adoration with
people and the intensity of working towards stories to share with the
world, she found herself on a film set.

In pursuit of succeeding in the Film Industry, she has now found her
voice as a Filmmaker.

Director Paniz Nooran

Director Paniz Nooran

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