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The Spoon

The Spoon

Have you ever looked around and noticed how caged our minds and lives have become because of classicism ? This film talks about how much better our lives can become if we break the shackles of classicism in our minds.

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One day, Sushma, an Indian housewife, gets enraged when she sees that her son was about to eat his lunch with a spoon that was meant to be used only by the servants of the house. This is a common practice in Indian households where the utensils of the servants are kept separately. She snatches the spoon from him, keeps it in a separate jar, labeled ‘M’,takes out a spoon from a different jar and starts shouting at the cook for not having kept her spoons separately, meanwhile explaining to her son to not use those spoons again.
Just then Ramesh,a new local delivery boy arrives to deliver the daily groceries to Sushma’s house. Sushma is careful to not go too close to him and maintains a distance.

The next day,she tries calling the shop but is able to get through after trying many times. Ramesh while delivering the items that day asks her to take his number and text him whenever something urgent needs to delivered. Sushma thinks for a while but then accepts his suggestion.

The following day, Sushma starts to take interest in Ramesh’s life,as he appears to be a very likeable person. She asks him about his studies and what he is doing in life. A little while later Ramesh asks her if she’s happy at home. This question stumps Sushma and she has no answers. She orders Ramesh to leave and comes back to see her son eating his lunch. She notices him for sometime and a faint smile comes on her face. Later that day, Ramesh drops a text to her saying he’s sorry, to which she doesn’t reply.

Ramesh,on the next day, clarifies that poor people like him think that money is the key to happiness and friends, but Sushma denies this,saying that friends and family are the real source of happiness and not money. Ramesh asks her that then she might a lot of friends then and Sushma ends the conversation abruptly without answering.

That night Sushma tries to reach to some of her friends but they are either busy or not available to talk.

On the next day,Ramesh brings the wrong hair colour while delivering and Sushma is irritated that it’s the wrong one again. She suggests that they go back together to the store and exchange it to save time since Ramesh’s bicycle is broken.

On their walk to the store, Sushma is careful to walk away from Ramesh at a distance till they walk out of the ‘society’ gate.

Once they are out of the society, the distance between them also decreases and they get more comfortable talking. Sushma tells Ramesh that she thinks she doesn’t have any friends anymore and that nobody these days has time for talking to anyone else. She asks Ramesh if he has friends in the society since he has been coming inside a lot. Ramesh says that people like him are just servants and that even a spoon for them is kept separately at homes inside. Sushma is a little embarrassed on hearing this as she does the same thing. Ramesh also says that there are so many things dividing people and they need to end, as they casually keep walking and talking.

In the evening, Sushma tries to call Ramesh but is unable to get through. She calls the owner of the shop to deliver some items.

A few minutes later,a new delivery person is at the doorstep with the items, much to Sushma’s disappointment. He tells her that Ramesh’s mother is ill so he had to go back to the village.

Sushma comes back inside and texts Ramesh,’Take care of your mother,Friend’. Just then her son asks her to bring a spoon for him. She collects all the spoons from the Jar labelled,’M’,meant for the servants, and includes them with the spoons kept in a different jar, meant for everyone else, and then takes out a spoon randomly and leaves. A text from Ramesh comes,’Thank you Ma’am’.

Arunansh Bhatt


Arunansh Bhatt is a music composer and film director from Lucknow, India. Post completing his engineering, he quit his corporate job to become a full time musician when he was 21 years old. Since then he has composed the music for various short and feature films, and has also worked as the additional composer/music producer on many Netflix India projects like Sacred Games and AK vs AK,while assisting Alokananda Dasgupta.

Being an avid cinephile, he always wanted to write and direct a film himself to understand the medium in more depth and this dream came true when he wrote and directed the short film, Chamachh (The Spoon),making his directorial debut.


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