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The Last Jam Jar

The Last Jam Jar

Inspired by a true story, it is a story of eternal love, caught in a moment. On their special day, Govind spends a moment, a day with Leela, as if in a trance. Until the day ends and he must go back. Will the trance break?

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It is their 55th Wedding Anniversary but Govind has to leave home. Something forces Govind to spend the day AS IF he is WITH his beloved wife Leela, who is lying in bed, back home. She is NOT with him but IS with him. She is by HIS SIDE as he TAKES her to their favorite spots where they spent their beautiful time together – their romantic walk on the beach to enjoying the lovely view from the rooftop garden to savoring their favorite food by the bay. The island of Mumbai stands witness to their beautiful love story. Until Govind must go back home and face the truth. There is a Last Jam Jar waiting for him, as he comes home. Will he accept the reality that he seemed to evade when he left home in the morning? Inspired by a true story come witness this unique story of eternal love, caught in a moment. A story called The Last Jam Jar.

Duration: 12:22 mins

Language: English

Country: India

Genre: Love, Romance, Drama

Director Arpan Bahl

About Arpan Bahl

We are surrounded by stories. Every moment, every day, we encounter stories all around us. We learn from stories and pass them on. Mythology & folklore has depended on them. Micro stories shape the modern world of today. Now, we are blasted by stories every waking moment of time.

He grew up with stories through his formative years, hearing them by word of mouth, reading and watching them. He expressed himself on stage and on paper, in the form of declamation, writing theatre and poems. As he grew up, he discovered a relationship with visual stories. Each time he saw a film he would feel a strong connection, a desire to tell a story on film. And he developed a strong sense of observation. These two combined to make him an artist.

Telling unique stories became the raison d’etre of this film maker, in the making. It was for him, the very source of life. When he finished school and college in New Delhi, his obsession grew. Until fate took him to Mumbai, the city of dreams. The city of Bollywood and entertainment television. He worked in television creating & managing content for over 17 years. All this while living by his raison d’etre. The time came to distil all that he had learnt and found. To tell a story that represented him and his journey so far. A story that would bear his stamp. The Last Jam Jar, his first short film was born. It took a lot as it was shot before the lockdown and post produced during and after it was over. It became for him a reaffirmation of his raison d’etre as an artist.

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