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Single Brown Male

Single Brown Male

Before his 30th birthday, Kal ruminates over his subpar love life.

Single Brown Male poster


Before his 30th birthday, Kal ruminates over his subpar love life. His brief encounters with strangers leaves him pining for something more.

17 mins

Latif Ullah

About Latif Ullah

My name is Latif Ullah, I was born in the city of Mae Sot in Thailand on January 16th, 1991. My parents moved to Canada when I turned one. I grew up in the city of Richmond. During grade school, I had a knack for creative writing and picked up an interest in dance. After leaving high school I trained as a professional dancer for seven years. I also majored in English at Langara

I stumbled upon Swimming Upstream: A Lifesaving Guide to Short Film Distribution: By Sharon Badal. I flipped to a random page and saw an interview with Derek Cianfrance, a name I recognized. This book launched me down the rabbit hole of trying to be a filmmaker.

I went to Vancouver Film School for a year to learn the basics of how to make a film. Immediately after leaving the school, I started shooting. I’ve since worked as a technician on several feature films and commercials. I also write and direct my own short films as well as music videos. I am writing and working my way into a position to one day make my first feature-length film.

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