VISAFF 2022 November 9 - November 13, 2022

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A slice of life following Ruby, a Pakistani woman who recently immigrated to Canada. 

Ruby Poster


Ruby is a portrait of a young Pakistani woman who has recently immigrated to Canada. The film follows her day, ruminative and nostalgic as she speaks to her family back home. The fatigue of her journey gives way to a melancholic anticipation for the future. She waits for her child and husband to come home from their busy days, and dreams of the countless faces of lost folk she’s passed by on the streets of her new city.

12 mins

Momo Daud

About Momo Daud

Momo Daud is a Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker based in Toronto. He has worked extensively across Canada as a writer, producer, production manager and as a focus puller. Ruby is his directorial debut.

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