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Perfect Daughter

Perfect Daughter

It’s a normal day in the Saini household as siblings Kira and Jora are in the midst of their daily video game session.

Perfect Daughter poster


It’s a normal day in the Saini household as siblings Kira and Jora are in the midst of their daily video game session. Their mother, Harj, arrives home with groceries, annoyed that the house is still a mess. Shortly after, the doorbell rings to reveal Rani, a well dressed med school graduate of the Sandhu family who have just moved in across the street. Along with a delicious offering of gulab jamun, she invites the Saini family over for dinner. Kira is the only family member not dazzled by Rani’s seemingly perfect disposition. Upon arriving at the Sandhu residence, the Sainis are not only struck by the incredibly beautiful interior, but by the owners: Lina, a beautiful but stern looking woman in all black, and Jag, an inventor who dabbles in artificial intelligence, as illustrated by the home’s technologically advanced items. As chaotic as the Sainis may appear, a glimpse into the Sandhu family’s past shows a very different image from the one they are presenting, and raises more questions than answers when the true nature of their daughter, Rani, is revealed.

Duration: 14mins

About Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur is a Vancouver based, award winning filmmaker and graduate of Capilano University’s Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree Program. In 2021, she produced the Blumhouse film “Pharma Bro”, chronicling the rise and fall of pharmaceutical CEO, Martin Shkreli. As an editor and post production supervisor, she has worked on “Who Let the Dogs Out”, an official selection at SXSW 2019, ESPN’s “Robot Fan Cave”, and the Mark Wahlberg produced series “Run This City”. Kaur wrote and directed the sci-fi short “Perfect Daughter”, which was a 2021 grant recipient of BIPOC TV & Film’s Reel Work Filmmaking Initiative in collaboration with Vinay Virmani, which is currently playing in festivals worldwide.

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