One Last Shot

one last shot poster

One Last Shot poster

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A struggling musician trying to make the ends meet, takes the wrong route, which has
















Saram Jaffery headshot

Saram Jaffery headshot

Saram Jaffery is a multilingual Canadian Actor / Director. He hails from Lahore,
Pakistan. Having an immense love and passion for acting and filmmaking from a very
young age, he embarked on his acting journey very early as a child star appearing in a
few local TV Series in the early 90’s. He continued the practice through theatre in his early years.
In 2007, he moved to Toronto, Canada and got his formal training from film school
while he continued to improve his craft via several independent short films and theatre.
In 2018, Jaffery got his first commercial break with Pakistani feature film ‘Na Band Na Baraati’. One Last Shot marks Saram Jaffery’s first leading role and also his directorial debut in the streaming platform market.
Saram Jaffery is currently working on a web series which revolves around Immigrant
issues and challenges and another feature film that focuses on mental health issues.
Living in a multicultural society, Saram Jaffery wants to contribute towards creating
opportunities and a platform for young and up and coming talent from all backgrounds to reach a global audience and to spread the message of love and positivity through the medium of art. He believes that the young and up and coming talent has a lot to offer, given the right direction and resources and with the evolution of streaming platforms there’s a lot more opportunity for up and coming filmmakers to reach a global audience.


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