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Set in a small suburban town, high school student Dylan becomes worried when his popular best friend starts getting followed incessantly by the odd girl out. Her admiration seems harmless and innocent to his friend, but Dylan isn’t so sure… 


Dylan, a popular and charismatic high school student, finds his perfect existence suddenly compromised by the unwelcome attentions of lonely outcast, Belinda. Much to Dylan’s disappointment, his best friend, Mindi, takes pity and invites her into their inner circle. As Mindi and Belinda grow closer, Belinda lights up with new-found confidence while Mindi becomes cold and reclusive, distancing herself from Dylan and his friends. As this increasingly abnormal behaviour becomes intertwined with eerie supernatural forces, Dylan is compelled to dig deeper into Belinda’s true character, but what he discovers next is something more menacing than he ever imagined. 















Director Rami Kahlon

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Rami Kahlon is a professional actor, published writer, and award-winning director from Vancouver, BC. Getting her start as a filmmaker through the Summer Visions Film Institute, she worked closely with Pacific Cinémathèque to hone her writing, directing, and editing skills. After working as an actress on such films and TV shows as “Supernatural” (CW), “Noelle” (Disney), and “Motive” (CTV), Rami decided it was time to make her own movie. Her directorial debut “Odd Girl” has screened in over a dozen festivals throughout North America and has brought home numerous awards, most notably “Best Screenplay” at the Academy Award-qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival. She is passionate about creating independent content and looks forward to contributing to more heartfelt stories with diverse leads. She is always interested in meeting new film friends, so please drop her message on social media to connect and create. Instagram/Twitter: @ramikahlon


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