Need Some Light in Purgatory

Need Some Light in Purgatory

Jaal lives a privileged but angst-driven life.

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Jaal lives a privileged but angst-driven life. Absorbed in his own problems he is unwilling to help the troubled people he comes across, until he steps into Purgatory and meets a group of characters trapped in the afterlife limbo. He realizes he has to step up and help others in need.

11 mins

Firdaus F. Bilimoria

Statement from Firdaus F. Bilimoria

The diverse characters in the temporal world in a modern setting, and in the afterlife, are archetypes of people trapped in their own personal purgatories. Jaal’s absorption in his own problems while oblivious to the troubles of others he meets and can possibly help, mirrors the dysfunctional self-absorption of the inhabitants of the Purgatory he stumbles into. Ultimately this is a story of redemption which can happen only when we step outside of our own personal worlds and recognize we are part of a larger inter-connected reality that we all need to accept and contribute to.

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  1. Mary Rose Talani
    October 22, 2021 / 8:48 am

    Hello How do I get tickets for the Saturday 11am viewing, Short Films?

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