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Khape is an inspirational story of a 9-year-old Ali’s resilience and strive to bring a positive change in his village through the power of education.

Khape poster


Ali is the only child who goes to school from his poor village. All the other kids work. He painstakingly walks miles across the barren land in scorching heat to reach his school. Ali also feels the unimportance of education.

An incident changes his outlook towards his own village. Ali realizes that the only way to change the fate of his friends is by bringing education in their lives and so opens a school outside his hut. But no one comes! No one cares! His friends make fun of his empty school. The village is busy with its daily struggles called “life”- child marriage, the birth of more children, death, the village elections; the gatekeepers are quietly watching Ali’s empty school.

Ali is helpless and wondering how he will ever start a school- but he manages to get his first student- his own little sister Nila… now they will have to make a caravan… and create a revolution- quietly…

But the revolution first begins within.

Duration: TBD

About Suchita Bhhatia

Suchita is a filmmaker, podcaster & photographer. She has directed shorts, documentaries, branded content, and now feature film (KHAPE). She has made a series of short documentaries (PROJECT JOY) with women living, fighting, & thriving with mental health issues. She hosts a podcast on Mental Health THE SOS SHOW, featured on Apple podcasts. Her podcast on arts, indie films, & culture- THE ARTISTS– has had guests worldwide sharing their journey of making art & creating culture. The Eureka MOMENT – podcast on startups & innovations has inspiring journeys of grit and resilience from global entrepreneurs.

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