Four Fifty Five mL

Forty Fifty Five mL

In response to a call for blood donations for a critically ill boy with a rare blood group, Kausar, a middle-aged trans-woman, rushes through the busy streets of Lahore.

Four Fifty Five mL poster


Kausar, a middle aged trans-woman, receives a call to donate blood to a critically ill boy with the same rare blood group as hers. She rushes through the busy city of Lahore to reach the hospital on time, only to find out that her blood is not welcome, even if it costs the boy his life.

Duration: 8 mins

Director Mahnoor Zaidi

About Mahnoor Zaidi

Mahnoor Zaidi is a Pakistani/Canadian director, writer and producer. She studied film production at York University, Toronto, graduating in 2017. After interning at Rogers and working on several student projects, she shifted to Pakistan to connect to her roots. Her documentary, Dust to Dust, took rounds of film festivals around the world winning awards as well as reaching the semi-finals of Student Academy Awards. Moreover, theatre had always been an integral part of her life hence she joined hands to co-direct a theatre production, Dracula, in Lahore and Karachi with multiple successful shows. Mahnoor’s projects varied from documentaries to narrative shorts and her love for narrative films began soon after working on a feature film as an assistant director with Sarmad Khoosat. Apart from making films, Mahnoor runs two food businesses with her brother and mother as well.  

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