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A sensory, lyrical, and gnomic exploration of memory and loss, This film is a meditation on loss,
filmmaking and cadence of an unstable relationship, It strives to follow a narrative trajectory, but
itself becomes a poetic elegy.

Elegy poster


A series of circular, rhyming narrative repetitions, laying out desire and anxiety, with the chance that a particular dream might transcend away from the disappointment of reality, into a sought of
spiritual transcendence.

The geography of the unconscious world and cinematic desires juxtapose over the topography of separating lovers as an aching journey: we must betray thememories of the ones we loved to love again. “Elegy” is an attempt to construct a cinematic reality that projects the unconscious imagery of a poet in grief.

Duration: 12 mins

Parish Sharma

Parish Sharma

In my work I am trying to subtly deal with memory and personal politics. The pursuit of sculpting a film is “the unraveling of the self.” My background as an architect helps me reveal the temporal and spatial structures inherent to the cinema and the architecture as they both articulate the lived space.
My work delves into the interaction between poetry, architecture, and cinema to capture the cinematic essence of our existential experience. I am intrigued at the spaces constructed by
cinema in the mind, reflecting the inherent ephemeral architecture of the human mind.

Cast in order of Appearance
Adriana Marchand
Navid Charkhi
Kamantha Naidoo
Kasey Mazak

Cinematography Maximillian Brey
First AC Ethan Johnson
Gaffer Alexander David Ross
Key Grips Declan Adams, John Fleming,Carlo Quicho
Boom Operator Dean Karamesinis
Producer Jian Ping Su
First AD Derek Kwan
Production Assistant Indigo Bryant, Jennifer O Connor
Art Direction Parish Sharma
Set Photographer Jennifer O Connor
Set Decorator Jennifer O Connor
Storyboard Artist Anosh Merchant
Makeup Artist Trudy Bridgette Smith
Costumes Adriana Marchand ,Parish Sharma
Editor Parish Sharma
Sound Design Parish Sharma, Shreyas Swaminathan
Colorist Ray Tan
Trailer Soundtrack Bharat Sharma
Equipment Rental Red Eye Motion Pictures Inc. Vista Point Studio Inc
Prop Rental Bombay Bazaar Inc.

Social Media Handles

Parish Sharma
Instagram: cinema_poetic

Adriana Marchand
Instagram adriana.marchand

Navid Charkhi
Instagram: navidcharkhi

Kamantha Naidoo
Instagram: Iamkamantha

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