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A story about facing and living with grief!  


Butterflies is a musical short film about facing and living with grief. It gives us a glimpse into the life of our female protagonist, Swara, who after losing her husband, is dealing with grief. The film is about coping and about how seemingly little and insignificant things in life bring us hope and strength to move on.

Duration: 15 mins

About Gautam Marathe

Gautam is an active theatre and film enthusiast from Singapore. Mostly working as an actor in theatre and film productions, Gautam also experiments with writing and direction from time to time. He has acted in a number of productions in Singapore. His more notable works include a multilingual Anthology film ‘Kathaah@8’ – as an actor and a Marathi experimental film ‘Lockdownchya Polyaa’ (loosely translated as “Roti of Lockdown”) – as a writer and an actor. Both of these films are amongst the winners of the global content festival 2020 organised by Zee5 and are available on their OTT platform.

Butterflies is Gautam’s debut short film as a director.

Social Media

Facebook:  gautam.marathe.75
Instagram: marathe.gautam

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