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When an eight months pregnant woman enrolls into an upscale maternity centre for ‘Happy Moms’, she begins to get conditioned by it’s warped practises – until she is jolted awake by it’s attempts to entirely reshape her identity.


When Meera – a female entrepreneur – begins to have panic attacks and Braxton Hicks in her eighth month of pregnancy, she is encouraged by her husband Sushant to join a maternity centre for mothers-to-be called ‘Happy Moms’. Run by the matronly, domineering Mama Nithya, the centre seemingly focuses on alternative pregnancy counselling and birthing practises. These practices mould select mothers into being capable of birthing ‘Champion Babies’ – overachievers who will become the creme de la creme of tomorrow’s society.

As a confused and overwhelmed Meera gets inducted by Mama Nithya into the queer practises of Happy Moms, including preparations for a ‘silent birth’ devoid of an epidural, she unconsciously begins to replace her own thoughts and priorities with the group’s beliefs. Conditioned in this manner, she sacrifices elements of herself and her identity, immersing herself in the extreme practises of the centre – in a concerted effort to be fully prepared for her impending motherhood.

Almost entirely lost in this cult-like world of ‘Happy Moms’, Meera accidentally gets a fleeting glimpse of clarity, when she detects a glaring lie that has been sold to her. Jolting her back to the reality of her near brainwashed state, Meera fights back to break out of the constraints that Mama Nithya and her maternity centre have manipulatively imposed upon her. However, on trying to climb out of this vicious pit, she begins to realise just how deep this conspiracy to condition her, to make her the mother of a ‘Champion Baby, actually runs – as deep as her own family and friends.


Shyam Sunder

Shyam Sunder is a critically acclaimed, young Indian filmmaker whose debut feature film ‘Kuthiraivaal [Horse’s Tail]’, presented in 2020, has made waves – domestically and internationally. With its international premiere at ‘Woche Der Kritik [Berlin Critics’ Week]’ and it’s domestic premiere at the ‘International Film Festival of Kerala’, the film will be travelling to festivals across the globe, from Sri Lanka to the USA.

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