VISAFF 2022 November 9 - November 13, 2022

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Coming of age of the circumcision ceremony in rural Bangladesh, 7 year old Topu faces the horror of not being able to decide faith for himself. Running away from the ceremony, Topu is captured and lectured by his uncle and taken back against his own will. The trust in his immediate family is suddenly broken.


Masud Akhond

Director Masud Akhond was born in Bangladesh and moved to Sweden at the age of 24. Since 2008, Masud Akhond has been directing, writing, and producing TV dramas, documentaries, and feature films. His first feature film “Pita” (the father) won the national award for best music and best actor. He also won the Jury Prize from San Francisco International Short Film Festival in 2013 for his documentary Slave Queen.

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