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Synopsis A young man with a difficult past finds an unconventional way to work through his trauma. Duration: 5mins About Panta Mosleh Made in Singapore, she is a test tube baby, born in West Asia and raised in Asia and…



Logline An Indian American family learns to cope with the inherent challenges of raising an autistic child facing down social pressures and stigma. Synopsis An Indian American family learns to cope with the inherent challenges of raising an autistic child…



Logline When an eight months pregnant woman enrolls into an upscale maternity centre for ‘Happy Moms’, she begins to get conditioned by it’s warped practises – until she is jolted awake by it’s attempts to entirely reshape her identity. Synopsis…



Synopsis Coming of age of the circumcision ceremony in rural Bangladesh, 7 year old Topu faces the horror of not being able to decide faith for himself. Running away from the ceremony, Topu is captured and lectured by his uncle…


Emergence Out of The Shadows

Synopsis For Kayden, Jag, and Amar, awakening to and expressing their sexuality within conservative South Asian families was a lonely and terrifying experience. Denial, shame and despair haunted their youths, even threatening their lives. Yet, they’ve emerged. In the feature…


Bad Omen

Synopsis Set in Kabul, Afghanistan. Pari, an in-house tailor, must find the means to purchase herprescription glasses in order to save her job. 19 mins Director Salar Pashtoonyar Salar Pashtoonyar is a filmmaker originally from Afghanistan and based in Canada.…


Approval Needed

Logline After a day that just can’t get any worse, a lonely traffic warden finds love and an unexpected friend at the supermarket checkout. Synopsis Lonely and depressed after yet another grim day in her job handing out traffic fines,Amita…



Synopsis A young woman with an anxiety disorder wakes up after experiencing a terrifying nightmare in which she is murdered by a home invader, to discover her front door open in the middle of the night. 9 mins Director Grady…



Synopsis “Aathamana” features the imagination of an elderly soul staying alone and away from his children and family members residing in the US. His imagination travels through multiple phases of his life and co-relating them to the pandemic situation across…


A Nickname

Synopsis Breaking the fourth wall, Sean tells the true childhood story of how he came by his nickname after immigrating to America from India. By examining the implications of moving to a new country, Sean recounts a tale filled with…


The Badger

Synopsis “The Badger” is the story of a 40-year-old woman called Soodeh Sharifzadegan who faces a strange incident, right before her second marriage. Duration: 1 hour 34 min About Kazem Mollaie Kazem Mollaie started filmmaking with short films in 1999.…


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