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Synopsis Ruby is a portrait of a young Pakistani woman who has recently immigrated to Canada. The film follows her day, ruminative and nostalgic as she speaks to her family back home. The fatigue of her journey gives way to…



Synopsis When an opportunity presents itself, David is torn between his circumstances and honoring his own morals. 7 mins About Arkin Pal My name is Arkin Pal. I’m from Kolkata, and I’ve come up directing music videos and short films.…


No Beloved

Synopsis An intense moment triggers 50-year-old Ehsaan to encounter an identity he had given up to fit into society. 8 mins About Salman Alam Khan Salman Alam Khan was born in Lahore Pakistan. He graduated as a media student.He is…


Need Some Light in Purgatory

Synopsis Jaal lives a privileged but angst-driven life. Absorbed in his own problems he is unwilling to help the troubled people he comes across, until he steps into Purgatory and meets a group of characters trapped in the afterlife limbo.…



Synopsis Maya, daughter of a successful painter, must sell her paintings in the art gallery in order to save her Father’s palette knife. When a harsh critic stands in her way, and her boyfriend betraying her trust, Maya must protect…



Synopsis Bakhtiar is a special teacher in English, which does not have a good financial situation and will win a car in a draw. After this, Bakhtiar’s adventure believes itself as a lucky person, and when invited by the father…


How to be a Super Driver

Synopsis A how-to video and a reality check on what it takes to be a rideshare driver in New York City. 9 mins About Romie Decosta Romie’s professional life started as an Architect in India, which he used as a…


Guess House

Synopsis On the last day of one-week deadline to apply for the National Identification Card. We sit behind the camera of a photographer whose job is to take picture for the National Identification Card and through his conversations with different…



Synopsis A comedy about appreciating what you have whether you are single, in a relationship or it’s complicated. Duration: 26 mins About Sidartha Murjani Film-making and acting was never even a thought for me growing up, I graduated with a…


The O Show

Synopsis This documentary provides an intimate look into the life of an Afro-Indigenous, Two-Spirited leader and DJ as she works in Vancouver, BC and beyond. From her activism with the Black Lives Matter marches, her engagement within the LGBTQ+ community,…


The Disgustful

Synopsis The Disgustful explores a unique story of a garbage men Shareef Maseeh who takes immense pride in his work by serving his community and his country. Shareef has been collecting garbage, doing all sorts of sanitary work and cleaning…


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