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The Perfect Date

Synopsis Josh (30) is a serial dater. He goes to an upscale restaurant to meet his dates Mary, Daisy, Jane and Leslie. Will he find his perfect date? 2 mins 15 About Sonia Bajaj Sonia Bajaj, born and raised in…


The Miniaturist of Junagadh

Synopsis 1947. The ravages of Partition have compelled an old artist, Husyn Naqqash, to sell his ancestral home in Western India and move with his family to Karachi, Pakistan. When Kishorilal, a stoic and stone-hearted man, who has bought the…


The Last Jam Jar

Synopsis It is their 55th Wedding Anniversary but Govind has to leave home. Something forces Govind to spend the day AS IF he is WITH his beloved wife Leela, who is lying in bed, back home. She is NOT with…


The Call

Synopsis The year is 2021. Akira busies herself with work as she avoids calls from her estranged parents. But a voice message from her father leaves her spiraling as she finds out her mother might be seriously ill. She is…


The Birthday Party

Synopsis At her home in Toronto, twelve-year-old Lola grapples with celebrating her little brother’s birthday after an unexpected phone call forces her to confront a life-altering reality. 8 mins About Anusree Roy Anusree Roy is a Governor General’s Award-nominated writer,…



Synopsis Marina, a concept artist suffering from artist’s block and a messy divorce, has one more weekend to come up with an idea for a project – or must face losing her job. And with it, any hope of keeping…



Synopsis A shy Indian mother, who su ers from the inability to see faces of her family andfriends, is confronted with the dilemma of stepping out of her shell when she sees astranger’s face clearly on her trip to America.…


Strong Son

Synopsis An endearing portrait of a South Asian father as he attempts to give life and marital advice to his bodybuilding and image-obsessed son. This deeply touching, comedic short film is an autobiographical piece that stars the director’s own father,…


Single Brown Male

Synopsis Before his 30th birthday, Kal ruminates over his subpar love life. His brief encounters with strangers leaves him pining for something more. 17 mins About Latif Ullah My name is Latif Ullah, I was born in the city of…



Synopsis An Indian-American woman grapples with her ties to her cultural identity whilst feeling like an outsider, in a laundromat. 5 mins About Samudranil Chatterjee Born in the small town of Durgapur, India and raised in sunny Brisbane, Australia,Samudranil is…


Shadow Bird

Synopsis Every morning, eight-year-old NADI wanders somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, to meet her dream-etched SHADOW BIRD. A second character unfailingly follows – the mysterious TIME-KEEPER who has a clock fitted inside his heart. But one morning, neither…


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