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2021 VISAFF Tickets Available

Tickets are now available on 2021 VISAFF at the following selection which will redirect outside our website:


2021 Schedule

A complete list of upcoming films/documentaries for VISAFF 2021.


Work in Progress

Synopsis A struggling writer with writer’s block fights with the ghost of her past boyfriend who is there to remind her of the reason she began to write. It is when she remembers the relationship they shared is she able…


Winning in America

Synopsis Aishwarya Narayanan clashes with her immigrant coach-father and questions the meaning of success while vying for a spot at the prestigious National Spelling Bee. Duration: 13 mins About Amrita Singh Born in Tamil Nadu, India, and raised in Hyde…



Synopsis After Esmail was sent to prison, his brother Davood fell in love with Atefe. Esmail has finished serving his sentence and is a free man. Esmail wants to sell his father’s land but he is suspicious of his brother…



Synopsis Velare is a special girl: she is invisible to the people who love her. As she starts a new relationship, she is afraid that the boy will fall in love and thus lose sight of her. She decides to…



Synopsis Los Angeles, 2030. Detective Sam Lahiri is down on his luck; with smartphones being banned by an increasingly draconian government, his ability to conduct business has become next to impossible. After being evicted from his apartment and dumped by…



Synopsis TIGRESS is a short, dramatic film that explores the phenomena of militant rebellions. It addresses the disparity between diaspora youth who rebel with drugs and partying, and the youth who rebel by arming themselves and going to war. Trina,…


The Wonder Girl

Synopsis Aliyah has been molested by her uncle, unable to disclose it with her parents she suffers from depression. She fights back & emerges to become the wonder girl. Duration: 10 mins About Vinay Pujara Vinay Pujara is an India…


The Spoon

Synopsis One day, Sushma, an Indian housewife, gets enraged when she sees that her son was about to eat his lunch with a spoon that was meant to be used only by the servants of the house. This is a…


The Scapegoat

Synopsis A young firebrand woman decides to stand up against the patriarchy and hate politics that has begun to infiltrate her rural Bengali village and threatens to destroy her way of life. Duration: 26 mins About Tathagata Ghosh A Berlinale Talents…


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