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Sheer Qorma

Synopsis Sheer Qorma is a gentle, heart-rending narrative of the longing for love and acceptance, felt by queer children in their parental homes that plays out throughdelicate story-telling, told through characters of courageous Muslim, queer women of color. With multiple…


Ave Maria

Synopsis TBA About Vanita Omung Kumar TBA


Zindagi Tamasha

Synopsis TBD About Sarmad Sultan Khoosat Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is a Pakistani director, actor, producer and screenwriter, best known for his featurefilms Manto and Zindagi Tamasha, the latter becoming the first Pakistani film to win the top prize at Busan…


From A to A

Synopsis The movie presents life, character and accomplishments of ancestors of the Bath family and highlights the importance of knowing your past. It inspires youngsters to appreciate the values and morals their elders passed on to them.


Four Fifty Five mL

Synopsis Kausar, a middle aged trans-woman, receives a call to donate blood to a critically ill boy with the same rare blood group as hers. She rushes through the busy city of Lahore to reach the hospital on time, only…


Fall Back Down

Synopsis Nick Colby, once a fearless and passionate activist, is now a shadow of his former self. Ever since the radical love of his life – Lizzie Reardon – went on a humanitarian mission to Nigeria and never bothered to…


Two Colours of Jahaan

Synopsis Jahan is a South Asian painter, living in the west. He is gay but not out to his traditional family back in India. He is working on a new painting exhibit called ​Gods & Gays​ – an exploration of…


Solidarity Lives South Asian Canadian Historic Sites of BC

Synopsis In April 2017 the government of British Columbia, through a process of public consultation and nominations, recognized 15 places of historic significance to the South Asian community within the province. Commissioned by the South Asian Studies Institute at the…


Perfect Daughter

Synopsis It’s a normal day in the Saini household as siblings Kira and Jora are in the midst of their daily video game session. Their mother, Harj, arrives home with groceries, annoyed that the house is still a mess. Shortly…



Synopsis Ali is the only child who goes to school from his poor village. All the other kids work. He painstakingly walks miles across the barren land in scorching heat to reach his school. Ali also feels the unimportance of…


The Zeme

Synopsis Land developer Erie moves with his wife Kit and 8-year-old daughter Alysha to a remote island named Hell’n’view after losing money in a major deal. He gets busy setting up a new project there but his family starts experiencing…


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