By Balkaran Singh 

A first date at a psychiatrist’s office? Yes, a first date at a psychiatrist’s office.

Mona (Fawzia Mirza) and Aamna (Mouzam Makkar) connect on an online dating site, (apparently it’s real), and defying convention, of all places, choose to meet at Dr. Shah’s (Parvesh Cheena) office. And that’s where the whole movie is shot, and fittingly so.

And if the location for the rendezvous is innovative, what follows is a wonderfully funny exchange between the two lesbian women on a date and the male shrink. You will actually find yourself laughing, I certainly did. The dialogue is masterfully succinct and intelligent, and seems to have been well researched, even for a piece of such limited length.

Fawzia Mirza has given us a very well-written script, and sculpted deep characters with such craftsmanship that in less than six minutes one gets acquainted, enamoured and delighted by all three involved. And those playing the three do an excellent job bringing the characters to life – Makkar, Mirza and Cheena have an onscreen chemistry which makes the exchanges between them assured and fluent. The actors are amply experienced, and they definitely deliver. A lot of credit also goes to the director (Ryan Logan), he has done very well to mine natural and established performances, and that without stereotyping an all South Asian cast.

This movie is a little dose of big entertainment. And ultimately, you will want to know more about these three eccentric and comic characters, want to hear more from them, want to watch more. Unsurprisingly, at the end of it, I was left craving for a longer version of the film. I want more, more Mona, more Aamna, more Dr. Shah.   

Besides consulting in the cultural, creative and communication spheres, Balkaran engages in social-justice and political drives. And writes. Among other things.