Directed by Jami (Jamshed Mahmood Raza)

Running Time: 119 minutes

When his wife dies unexpectedly, Wahid, a poor train station master of a small, remote town in Pakistan, must come to terms not only with her death and his own childhood personal demons, but also his complicity in the events that led up to it.

He must choose between facilitating a web of corruption involving his own elder brother that might provide him a more comfortable life but which threatens to destroy his beloved railways and morals on the one hand, and saving his estranged son caught in a similar conflict for a better life in the big city on the other. Set against the backdrop of the deliberately engineered decline of the railways system in Pakistan, ‘Moor’ is a story about the meaning of loyalty – to one’s land, one’s family and one’s principles.

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*Bonus* Short Film 

Return Gift 


Directed by Achyut Narayana

Produced by LNC Films, Ruve Creations, Shital Bhavin Gandhi, M.R Binoo

Running Time: 22:45 minutes

An emotional narrative about the bonding between a father and his daughter that goes through a series of events that eventually make the father take a life changing decision. The story revolves around a little girl from a poor family who wishes to celebrate her birthday.