*Documentary* Little India Big Business

Directed by Bal Brach

Running time: 46:00 minutes

Little India Big Business explores the growth of big, fat Indian weddings in Canada over the last decade. It reveals the pressures that young South Asians face when planning their weddings. The documentary highlights how lucrative these celebrations are for vendors, the lengths they go to ensure their clients needs are met, and the cost of this commercialization on the sanctity of marriage.

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Bonus Short Film: Invisible Point 

Directed by Tanin Torabi

Producedposter-photo_2016-08-04_23-16-09 by Mohamed Reza Akbarabadi

Running Time: 5:02 minute

Dance is prohibited in Iran. While it is told to be a sin, still there are many dancers dancing with passion and have not been seen, they bear the restrictions and still are dancing.