Bad Man

Directed by Soumik Sen

Running time: 128 minutes

A mad, comic caper where the legendary Bad Man Gulshan Grover relaunches himself in the film industry, but this time as a hero! With celebrity cameos, hilarious delusional situations with the ‘young hero’ Gulshan Grover, Bad Man explores the funny side of Bollywood.

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Bonus Short Films


Short Film: Our Victory

Directed by Gurleen Kaur

Produced by Gagandeep Singh

Running Time: 10:00 minutes

This story centres around the concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how a soldier is trying to live a normal life while trying to forget his horrific memories, which eventually consume him. Understandably, most of us try not to think about psychological elements that interfere with our everyday life, however some of us cannot fight it.



Short Film: La Lune Folle

Directed by Meneka Das

Produced by Andrew T Mackay

Running time 11:00 minutes

After the loss of a loved one, timid Carly struggles to face her audition at a prestigious music conservatoire. As she awaits her turn in the empty corridor, a picture of a 19th Century young, confident woman on the wall catches her eye.

Desperate to find courage Carly escapes into a fantasy. Imagining herself as the young woman, she is no longer afraid of facing her audition but also of letting go of even deeper fears.